Why DSI?

Supercharge your Autodesk software

Receive all the usual benefits directly from Autodesk PLUS access to DSI's world-renowned team of expert specialists in machining, additive manufacturing, injection molding, software automation, and more!

Jon and Devon at DSI Fusion Summit 2024

We're no longer a "reseller" 🥳

As your go-to team for Autodesk software sales and support, DSI can now offer native quotes through the Autodesk sales and renewals system! When we find the perfect software solution to suit your needs, you can manage quotes and renewals directly from your Autodesk account.

Avoid interruptions

If you use a credit card, you're all set. Otherwise, here is everything you and your procurement department will need to register Autodesk as a vendor.

We serve everyone from homebrew machinists to multi-billion dollar corporations. Whether you're preparing to bring new manufacturing processes in-house or just need help optimizing your existing workflows, DSI is here to understand your needs and deliver the setup for success.